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Press release

Loveland, Colorado, May 30, 2009.  Detecting the bite of a fish can be the start of an exciting tug-of-war between fish and angler.  The Plumbobber® brand strike indicator improves the fly fisherman's odds of engaging in battle and landing a proverbial big one on lake, river, or stream. 

Invented by a local fly fisherman, the indicator sits upright with tassels high so that the angler can more easily see the fish's strike.  The upright stance is also a valuable measure of drag on the fly in moving water conditions.  This indicator is made of durable plastic parts and handcrafted individually.  The tapered design is aerodynamic and the materials light, allowing improved casting ability for the fly fisherman. 

Especially versatile, the indicator can be fixed on the line in several ways depending on conditions.  It can be set to release from a fixed position on the line under the steady tug of a fighting fish and thus allowing the angler to fish deeper than is normally possible.  The indicator is available in different sizes and colors to meet the fishing needs of a wide variety of fly fishermen and fishing patterns.  Other applications include ice fishing and use as a conventional slip bobber.

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About Pin & Fins, LLC, was founded in 2004 by Kendall and Deena Carson to provide a quality & dependable product to the outdoor industry at an economical price, while keeping the impact of our products on the environment in mind.  Other products include the Wonder Cloth® and Fintastic Tee's lines.

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